Our Retreats & Activities

Rest – Restore – Rejuvenate

Our retreats run weekly from Wednesday to Sunday and all share in a simple schedule of activities, designed to give you time and space for healing, reflection and rest.

Our daily routines consist of a perfect blend of detoxifying wood fired sauna and magnesium plunge pool rituals (twice daily), and a movement and meditation session. Supported by healthy, cleansing whole food, plant-based meals comprising of a smoothie for breakfast and nourishing wholesome soups for lunch and dinner.

We also offer the beautiful relaxing and restorative Ka Huna massage. These are highly recommended to be enjoyed daily to enhance your stay.

Our retreats commence at 4pm and conclude at 2pm on day of departure.

We also offer Wellbeing Day’s, which are great day to share with a partner, friends or family or just enjoy precious moments for yourself.

Our Retreats

All our Retreats include:

– All meals (gentle detoxing smoothies & soups)
– Daily movement session
– Daily guided meditation
– Wood fired sauna & magnesium plunge pool ritual (twice daily)

  • Rejuvenation Retreat
    (4 nights) – $640 pp (Twin Share) or $780 (Individual)

    • Ultimate Rejuvenation Package
      (4 nights & 3 x 60 min Ka Huna Massages) – $895 (Twin Share), saving of $75 or $995 (Individual), saving of $115
  • Replenishing Retreat
    (3 nights) – $480 pp (Twin Share) or $585 (Individual)
  • Recharging Midweek Retreat
    Wed/Fri (2 nights) – $320 pp (Twin Share) or $390 (Individual)
  • Recharging Weekend Retreat
    Fri/Sun (2 nights) – $320 pp (Twin Share) or $440 (Individual)
  • Wellbeing Day
    (1 Day) – $198 pp – 7.30am arrival time and 2.30pm departure. Our Wellbeing Days are available from Thursday to Sunday, or group bookings can be made (minimum of 4 people) 7 days a week upon request.

Our Wellbeing Day includes a wood fired sauna and magnesium plunge pool ritual, a breakfast smoothie, movement and meditation session, 60 min Ka Huna Massage and a wholesome soup for lunch.

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Our Activities

All our activities are designed to help the body cleanse and relax, as well as providing time in the day for massages, quiet contemplation, writing in your journal, napping or resting. Simply blissful guilt free down time.

We begin the day with our wood fired sauna and magnesium plunge pool session, this is also the way in which we say good night to the day, relaxing our bodies for a wonderful deep sleep. After sauna and plunge pool in the morning we enjoy waking up our bodies with movement and meditation together upstairs.

Relax, integrate and revitalize with our signature treatment the Ka Huna massage.

Wood Fired Sauna

Enables our tensions to fade. Muscles to unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed and revived. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heat makes you ‘Feel Better’, ‘Look Better’ and ‘Sleep Better’!

Tivoli Retreat - Health Retreat - Gympie - Sunshine Coast Australia - High Spirits Retreat - Mette's Institute

Tivoli Retreat - Health Retreat - Gympie - Sunshine Coast Australia - High Spirits Retreat - Mette's Institute

Magnesium Plunge Pool

Magnesium is a necessary mineral for your health and well-being as it is required for more than 300 crucial enzyme reactions and cellular processes in our body. Magnesium is said to be needed to keep muscle and nerve functioning normal, for a strong heart beat rhythm, a healthy immune system, strong bones, regulated blood sugar levels, normal blood pressure and an active cellular metabolism.


Tivoli’s mornings are designed to gently wake up and get the body moving. Our movement classes combine gentle stretches, yoga poses, ball stik, qoya shaking with a strong focus on listening to the body’s needs and finding ways to relieve the tension stored in our muscles. They are fun and simple to accommodate all different abilities.

Tivoli Retreat - Health Retreat - Gympie - Sunshine Coast Australia - High Spirits Retreat - Mette's Institute
Tivoli Retreat - Health Retreat - Gympie - Sunshine Coast Australia - High Spirits Retreat - Mette's Institute


Our guided meditations, designed to unwind and quieten the mind. In true Tivoli comfort style, relaxing on a mattress, let us take you on one of our guided meditations design to support you to connect in with your body and your unconscious awareness. At Tivoli Retreat we enjoy a number of meditations created by Mette Sorensen.

Tivoli has been purposefully created to encourage you to slow down.

We are creating the opposite experience to how life seems to have become in the modern world. Very busy….

The desire to give of ourselves, often at our own expense. The ‘pinch’ to tick everything off our list.

The need to say “YES” to everyone that needs us.

How many times do you respond to the question of “how are you going?” with really busy, just been flat out… But are you just going flat out in your mind? What story are you telling yourself?

The urge to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time – so that we may finally have the time to breathe, to relax, to work out, to read or simply to do nothing.

Oh to be able to do nothing!

To have permission to do nothing.

While here at Tivoli, give yourself that permission to do nothing.

Do you factor in rest time? It is a conscious decision to rest. It is an act of self-love. A friendship with yourself. Bring yourself back to yourself with love and kindness, back to balance, back to the truth of who you are.

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