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KaHuna Massage Temple - Public Clinic

Welcome to Tivoli Retreat massage clinic. We hope it will become your preferred sanctuary for inner reflection, relaxation and quality massage treatments.

Our signature treatment is KaHuna massage. It is considered the Rolls Royce of massage treatments and at Tivoli Retreat is complemented by a sauna and magnesium pool ritual. Come to Tivoli and relax, integrate and revitalize. (see demonstration video opposite)


The Tivoli Treat -

60 minute KaHuna Massage - 1hr magnesium pool & sauna ritual - Herbal Tea  $110


The Tivoli Delight - 

90 minute KaHuna Massage - 1hr magnesium pool & sauna ritual - Herbal Tea $150


The Tivoli 4 Hand KaHuna -

60 minute KaHuna Massage received by two practitioners working together simultaneously bringing an whole new dimension to the physical and spiritual effect of massage. The ultimate indulgence. 1hr magnesium pool & sauna ritual - Herbal Tea   $220


KaHuna massage for pregnant women -

At Tivoli Retreat we not only have experienced pregnancy massage therapists but beautiful massage tables especially designed for the pregnant body. Choose any of the above treatments and let us know of any special needs you have. The perfect way to nurture the body by: releasing tension, minimising muscular imbalances and deepening the connection between mother and child.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tivoli Retreat and hope that you will feel at home in the relaxing surroundings. Whether you are visiting for a short time or you are staying with us for longer, we will endeavour to make your visit unforgettable and trust that you will be improving your senses of well being.

Please do call or email for further information, massage bookings or reservations and we will make sure that you wishes are met.


See you soon,


Sankare Walden & Dee Wealands - General Managers


Tivoli Retreat - 162 Wilton Road, Greens Creek, Qld 4570 - Ph: (07) 5486 6600    Email: